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JT Sprockets and Snell Powerlink 520 X-Ring Chain Kit

JT Sprockets

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JT Sprockets and Snell Powerlink 520 X-Ring Chain Kit

JT Sprockets

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This product fits all
Honda VF 700 S Sabre 1985

This product does not fit
Honda VF 700 S Sabre 1985

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Standard gears for
Honda VF 700 S Sabre 1985

  • Chain Length
  • Chain Size
  • Front Sprocket
    16 teeth
  • Rear sprocket
    44 teeth
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The flexible chain and sprocket kit where you can choose your sprockets size yourself! With the help of our sprocket guide you can easily see which chain length sits original on your bike. Select the corresponding sprocket and chain in the list below. This is a combination of a chain from Snell and Sprockets from the world's largest manufacturer: JT Sprockets Chain: New Snell PowerLink! A totally new X-ring chain tested and developed with elite riders. Snell Powerlink is a quality brand with low rolling resistance and minimal after stretching, Quadra X-ring gives 50% less friction than an O-ring chain. The chain lasts up to three times longer than a standard motorcycle chain. Powerlink chain uses Quadra X-ring, which means significantly less friction and longer life. The reduced friction also means that you get a lower rolling resistance and thus more power to the rear wheel and in the right conditions, faster lap times. The chain is made of high quality tempered steel links, held together by "Hard Chromium Molybdenum Nikel" rivets. A softer core and extremely hard surface gives you solid rivets that neither bend nor break, this provides tremendous durability. The rivets in combination with the hardened links give you an extremely durable chain. Features: -A Chain specially developed for Street, touring, and other large off road vehicles. -Quadra Technology with X-rings, quadruple sealing surfaces for longer life and better lubrication properties. -A Special coating on the links provide an extremely hard surface and a soft inside, this is to increase strength while reducing overall wear and tear on the chain. - CrNiMo- rivets are pressed with quadrupled punched rivets for maximum strength -X-ring seal provides 50% less friction against an O-ring chain and up to three times longer than a standard MC-chain. - Gold / metal, 118links, 7870LBS, 1.9kg per 118links Chain supplied with clip and rivet link. All chains are pre-stressed and pre-stretched and combined with the best choice of materials. Sprockets: All JT's sprockets are CNC-machined from high quality C45 steel, providing greater accuracy and durability, manufactured by stamping (pressing). After milling, the sprockets are coated with a hard-anodized finish that prevents corrosion, extends the life and also gives a nice finish. To select the right chain and sprocket: Changing the size of the front sprocket or the rear sprocket is a very easy and popular way to change the nature of your motorcycle. 1: To get better acceleration - Change to a smaller front sprocket and / or a larger rear sprocket. 2: In order to get a higher top speed - Change to a larger front sprocket and / or a smaller rear sprocket. On most motorcycles you notice a big difference in changing one tooth front, and it's recommended to try things in small steps. To maintain the correct angle on the chain you should distribute the changes between the front sprocket and rear sprocket as one tooth front + 3 teeth rear. When you change the size of the sprockets, you also need to change the length of the chain. On almost all motorcycles you can switch to one tooth bigger or smaller front or rear sprocket, but still retain the original length of the chain. At changes of more than one tooth you often need to change the length of the chain , then the following is a good rule to use : If you change plus 2 teeth larger sprockets , you need one link longer in the chain . All chains increase by 2 links at a time, so you may need to cut the chain. There is also a chance that you can avoid having to cut, by adjusting the axle blocks at the wheel axle.

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JT Sprockets are one of the leading manufacturers for motorcycles and motocross. All JT Sprockets are made from the very best metals and milling for the best quality, precision and durability.

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