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Mivv Replacement Pipe Catalytic Converter


Mivv has been manufacturing exhaust systems since 1969 and has built up an advanced establishment for manufacturing and development and has accumulated a tremendous amount of experience. Their goal is still the same as it has always been - to create reliable, stylish exhaust systems of the best materials with awesome performance and sound!

Mivv's No-Cat tube does exactly what it sounds like: replaces your catalytic converter on the bike. This can boost the power and torque as the flow through the system increases which makes the engine feel faster.

The main consequence of installing this pipe will of course be a "cooler" sound, completely according to the timeless words of wisdom "If you are not heard you don’t exist!"

DISCLAIMER: To achieve the highest levels of quality, Mivv hand-makes each product to order. As such, these products cannot be returned, and are non-refundable.