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Mivv Suono Slip-On Black


Mivv has been manufacturing exhaust systems since 1969 and has built up an advanced plant for manufacturing and development, accumulating a tremendous amount of experience over the years. Their goal is still the same as it has always been – to create reliable, top-quality exhaust systems from the best materials with awesome performance and sound!

Many have tried to imitate Slip-On with inferior materials and manufacturing processes, but here you have the real deal!
The main idea with Suono was to create a system with very light materials and, of course, an awesome sound. The result turned out to be just that… and it looks great too!

- You keep your original catalytic converter after assembly.
- Improves performance and sound.
- Stainless steel.
- Brushed "black satin" look.
- Carbon fibre end cap.
- Removable dB killer.
- Installation description included.

N.B. To achieve the highest levels of quality, Mivv handmakes each product to order. As such, these products cannot be returned and are non-refundable.

Performance Comparison:

Effect: + 0.70 Hp
Torque: + 0.70 Nm
- Weight: -1.80 Kg