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Oils and Lubricants for Motorcycles.

Wakefield & Co scientists found that adding a measure of castor oil to their lubricants helped to keep the oil runny enough to work from cold at start-up and thick enough to keep working at very high temperatures.

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    About Castrol

    The oil company Castrol , which since 2000 is part of BP , can offer a wide product range of lubricants and is active in many areas. Castrol has more than 150 subsidiaries in about 55 countries. The focus is on lubricants , particularly in the consumer sector. Castrol is one of the world 's largest suppliers. Castrol was founded by Charles " Cheers" Wakefield, 1899 in England. Wakefield was a real strategist and a pioneer regarding marketing. He developed Castrol during the time when the credibility of the internal combustion engine as a power source for the future was developed. Cars and motorcycles became more common and Wakefield was quick to manufacture good products and also market them in a good way . Thanks to Wakefield's actions Castrol oils was quickly known as revolutionary means of transportation around the world . Even today , over 100 years later, Castrol synonymous with superior quality, high performance and innovative technology in lubricants. With more than one hundred years of experience in meeting their customers' needs , Castrol is still the company that is considered to hand hold the most technologically advanced engine oils on the market as well as Charles " Cheers" Wakefield once did when he founded the company .