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Top Quality Neck Protectors

Leatt since 2006 has been a leader in the protection of various action sports. The Leatt neck brace protects against damage that may occur when the head is thrown forward, backward or sideways. The protection also prevents the spine from over bending.

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    About Leatt

    Leatt that manufactures neckbraces was founded by doctor Chris Leatt in Cape Town, South Africa. Chris Leatt was inspired to create the neckbrace Leatt brace when a man died of head injuries after an enduro accident. Leatts 4 year old son had just started running enduro when Chris became a witness to the accident. He then decided to construct a neck brace that would prevent neck and spinal injuries. The first Leatt brace was sold in South Africa in 2004 and in 2006 the brace was made available to the rest of the world. Today leatt manufactures for other action sports such as BMX biking, quad biking, skiing and mountain biking. By constantly new research, new experiments and with the help of computer simulation constantly being refined for optimizing the protective capacity that Leatt is so famous for.