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Famous Top Quality Motorcycle Tyres

German Metzeler is a brand that is known worldwide, with over 100 years experience in producing motorcycle tyres. Since 1892, they have met many motorcyclists with durable tyres and uncompromising performance.

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    About Metzeler

    German Metzeler is a leading manufacturer of motorcycle tyres with a focus on quality and performance. Their mission is to continually develop products that are at the forefront in terms of technology , durability and performance with a focus on meeting the needs and expectations of motorcyclists all over the world. Metzeler was founded in 1863 by Robert Friedrich Metzeler in Munich, Germany. In the beginning , the company produced various rubber products such as surgical items , sports equipment and toys. Metzeler products quickly gained great demand and expanded with new plants. In 1892 Metzeler began with great success by concentrating on all production for bikes, cars and motorcycle tyres. Although Metzeler's factories were destroyed during World War II, they rebuilt and carried on, in the postwar period , recreating the famous trademark. Since the 70's until today , they concentrate all their expertise to exclusively produce motorcycle tyres. Technological developments in the context of racing has made Metzeler motorcycle tyres test winner year after year.