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High Performing Oils and Lubricants for Motorbikes

Motul manufactures high performance lubricants for the racing industry. Motul develop their products with the latest technology and everything is checked and evaluated under the most extreme conditions, for demanding engine makers and riders require.

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    About Motul

    For over 150 years, Motul has built a corporate culture and its values which is developed in cooperation with its customers, suppliers and partners. Motul is a company under constant development, but that does not allow itself to forget what has made the brand successful since 1853, namely, the desire to expand whilst respecting their values. Motul's four key concepts are: high technology, expertise, authenticity and engagement. Motul, originally named Swan Finch Company was founded in 1853 in New York. They quickly expanded and began successfully exporting lubricants to Europe. In 1932 a French distributor bought the Swan Finch Company, which thus disappeared, but they retained the brand Motul. The entire operation moved to France and Motul brand was relaunched as a French brand. Motul Reformed the entire lubricant industry with its innovative oils over the years when they launched the world's first multi-grade oils, semi-synthetic and synthetic oils. Today Motul continues to produce high-performance oils of superior quality and they are available in more than 80 countries around the world. Motul is also, given the environment, connected to the European project IBIOLAB which aims to promote the production and development of bio-lubricants.