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Macna Assault 2.0 MC Gloves Black


A successful model that’s successfully improved; enter the Assault 2.0 glove!

The 2.0 is further developed for thriving in hot riding conditions. Like its precursor, it’s a short-cuffed glove made of comfortable fabrics such as perforated nubuck at the palm of the hand and a neoprene cuff.

A large part of the comfort comes from the fact the thumb and index finger are made of one and the same panel of fabric. This reduces seams and pressure points whilst also providing a wrinkle-free look. We call it Ergothumb.

Biggest improvement is the new RISC Armax palm slider which doesn’t feature any seams and thus greatly increases your safety in that area. We’ve chosen not to change the knuckle protection because of its success. Our RISC 3D knuckle protection is robust yet comfortable due to it being pre-formed and made of comfy temper foam.

The fingers are finished with flexible TPR accents and the index finger is fitted with Touch Tip: heat-conductive fabric to enable touch screen operation. The area that’s most subjected to abrasion in case of a fall is fully reinforced with abrasion-resistant Superfabric.

• RISC Armax palm
• Ergothumb
• EVA pinkie
• Touch Tip
• TPR finger
• RISC 3D knuckles
• CE EN13594