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Macna Protego MC Gloves Women Black


Developed for sporty riders and racers in hot conditions; the Protego glove.

The Protego is armoured to the max with our new Armax protection. This seamless construction leaves out the weakest part in critical areas which greatly increases your safety. Armax absorbs impact forces, can act as a slider and can be found at the knuckles, palm and fingers.

At the palm of the hand, underneath the thumb, we’ve opted for an extra layer of soft and comfy EVA padding underneath the outer layer. The same padding can be found on the outside of the thumb.

Let’s take a look at the fingers! The index finger is fitted with a heat-conductive fabric that enables you to operate touch screens the way you would without gloves.

The two outermost fingers of the hand are connected by what we call a Finger Bridge. This sturdy construction prevents the pinkie (i.e. little finger) from dislocating or worse.

Finally, the Protego provides freedom of movement at the wrist, which is enabled thanks to the 30 Degree Buckle. This wrist strap is fitted at an ergonomically optimised angle of 30 degrees.

• RISC Armax fingers
• RISC Armax knuckles
• RISC Armax palm
• EVA palm
• EVA thumb
• Bridged Fingers
• Touch Tip
• Adjustable cuff
• Adjustable wrist strap
• 30 Degree Buckle
• CE EN13594