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Macna Riggor MC Jacket Red-Black


The Riggor is suited for cold, mild and hot riding conditions with its detachable Raintex ML liner that’s easily zipped out. It feels comfortable on the skin as it’s directly laminated against mesh fabric. For warmer days we’ve fitted a ventilation zipper at the front and air outlet at the back so that air can actually pass and cool the body.

This jacket comes with our very own Easy Cuff; a system that makes use of a zip – instead of loops and snaps – to keep everything in place. This nifty spec connects the detachable membrane or liner to the jacket and thus prevents your hand, wrist or watch from getting stuck when putting on or taking off your jacket.

Other in-house developed differentiators are Belt Loop (to prevent your jacket from creeping up in case of a fall) and Hoodie Holder; a synthetic holder in which the hood can be anchored to prevent it from flapping around. If you like the look or if you’re expecting a local shower after parking, this is the perfect alternative to zipping off the hood completely.

• 2-layer, detachable waterproof Raintex ML membrane
• Air vents on chest and back
• Reflective details on chest, back, sleeves and hood
• Easy Cuff - Zip on the sleeve cuff that connects the removable membrane to the outer shell
• Adjustable straps at cuffs and waist
• Detachable hood
• Hoodie Holder to keep the hood in place
• Belt Loop made of strong webbing for attaching the jacket to the belt of pants
• RISC shoulder protectors (Level 1)
• RISC elbow protectors (Level 1)
• Prepared for back protector (sold separately)
• CE EN 17092 A Class