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Macna Velotura MC Jacket Light Grey


The Velotura is designed for warm riding conditions with a ton of 3D-mesh fabric to ensure enough airflow past your body, with impact areas like elbows and shoulders being the exception. The fit of the jacket can easily be adjusted by velcro at the cuffs and hips.

To maintain that perfect fit we’ve fitted our Belt Loop; a strong piece of webbing that enables easy connection between your jacket and belt which prevents the jacket from creeping up. Follow the Belt Loop all the way up and you’ll find the Coat Hanger that’s designed to carry the weight of a motorcycle jacket.

Both shoulders and elbows feature our in-house developed R.I.S.C. protectors. These are ergonomically shaped, breathable and comply with CE legislation. This jacket is also prepared for our R.I.S.C. back protector.

• Fybrex/Mesh outer
• Adjustable hip velcro
• Adjustable cuff
• Belt Loop
• Coat Hanger Lite
• Prepared for back protector
• CE Level 1 elbow protection
• CE Level 1 shoulder protection
• CE EN 17092 Class A