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Mivv STR-1 Slip-On


Built with the best possible layout to fit the available spaces on the bike. The Mivv STR-1 exhaust has been designed to ensure the best performance, reliability, and weight reduction. The exhaust is made of grade 1 Titanium, features a 3k twill carbon end cap and is equipped with a special DB-Killer optimized to reduce noise without penalizing performance. The STR-1 exhaust lets the engine express its best over the entire range of engine revs. The bench tests confirmed by track tests, show excellent performance at low and high revs. Equipped with the latest generation sound-absorbing materials, developed by Mivv's R&D department, and complies with the increasingly stringent noise limits imposed by national and international regulations for off-road competitions. The sound-absorbing material is easily replaceable, thanks to screws located in the front part of the exhaust. The Mivv STR-1 exhaust does not require remapping, as it was developed without making any changes to the electronics. It is interchangeable with the stock silencer.

- Euro 5 is approved only when ACC.041.A1 catalyst is installed.