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High Quality Grips& Handlebar ends

Renthal is a global manufacturer of accessories for motorcycles, motocross and quad bike, with a focus on handle bars and grips. With 35 years of experience in racing and countless successes along with the best riders in the world, Renthal are regarded as a leader in the industry.

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    About Renthal

    Renthal founded by two motorcycle enthusiasts Andrew Renshaw and Henry Rosenthal, in 1969 Manchester, England. In the beginning, the focus was on producing bicycle handlebars but in 1975 Renthal took the step into the motocross market and thereby gained a steady growth in the 70s and 80s. In the early 90s Renthal also entered the US market with great success. During a massive fire in the year 2000 that completely destroyed the factory, but they recovered quickly and replaced the factory with a state of the art facility for manufacturing, quality control, research and development. Today they employ over 60 people in production that is sold in over 40 countries worldwide. Renthal is known to use an exclusive aluminum handlebar that is 20% stronger than any other in the world. The aluminum is a material that is lightweight yet provides good resistance to impact and limits vibration. Renthals handlebars have won more championship titles than any other on the market and Renthal may be associated with well-known brands such as Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and KTM.