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Piston Specialists

Since 1940, Wiseco has manufactured forged pistons of outstanding quality for motorcycles, motocross bikes, snowmobiles, and 4-wheeler's. After almost 70 years in the industry, Wiseco has become synonymous with high-quality products that exceed the customer's requirements.

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    About Wiseco

    Around 70 years ago, the founder of Wiseco, Clyde Wiseman, began producing pistons for himself and some of his friends. And just like so many other successful companies that began in someone's garage, the reputation of Wiseman's well-made products spread, and laid the foundation for Wiseco. The business grew rapidly, and today Wiseco boasts worldwide distribution. Wiseco is the leading manufacturer of high-performance forged pistons for snowmobiles, motorcycles, motocross bikes, quad bikes, jet skis, boats and cars. This is a constantly evolving company at the forefront of producing high-quality products with innovative technology. In addition to their unique pistons, Wiseco also offers other accessories, such as crankshafts, stroke cranks and clutch baskets, all of which are forged. Today, Wiseco prides itself on being the only company that forges its products. There are no other companies that can match Wiseco's use of advanced technology and attention to detail; this is also why the best engine builders and riders in Motorsports choose products from Wiseco.